SPI Prom SPI 16 Mb 8 Pin chip


Component H is _SS25VF010-20-4C-SAE__ 1Mb SPI Serial Flash.
Manufacturer Website www.sst.com
16Mb SPI Serial Flash
Part Number Identifier: SST25F016B
Datasheet PDF Filename: S71271.pdf
8 Pin SOIC Package.
Schematic Identification U8.

Pin Out Table
CE#1- -8Vdd
SO2- -7Hold#
WP#3- -6SCK
Vss4- -5SPI

Hash indicates Active Low.
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Pin Labels
SCKSerial Clock All commands, addresses, and input data are latched on the rising edge of the clock input, whereas output data is shifted out on the falling edge of the clock input.
SISerial Data Serial Input for commands, addresses, or data. Inputs are latched on the rising edge of the serial clock.
SOSerial Data Serial Output for data. Data is shifted out on the falling edge of the serial clock. Indicates Flash busy status during AAI Programming when reconfigured as RY/BY# pin
CE#Chip Enable Chip Enable is a high to low transition on CE#. CE# must remain low for the duration of command sequences.
WP#Write Protect The Write Protect enables/disables BPL bit in the status register.
HOLD# Hold Temporarily stops serial communication with SPI flash memory without resetting the device.
VDDPower Supply Supply (2.7-3.6V).
VSS Ground Ground Pin

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